How To: Learn the basics of lacrosse for beginners

Are you thinking about trying out for your school's lacrosse team? Or just interested in taking up the very physical sport? Then this lacrosse video is the place to start on your journey. Check out the video to learn the basics of lacrosse, a game which combines elements from socker, hockey, and basketball.

How To: Hold a lacrosse stick properly

Check out this instructional lacrosse video that demonstrates how to hold a lacrosse stick. Holding a lacrosse stick correctly involves adjusting the hands for catching, cradling and passing. Learn how to hold a lacrosse stick in this video.

How To: Pass the ball in lacrosse

Check out this instructional lacrosse video that demonstrates how to pass the ball in lacrosse. Passing in lacrosse is similar to pitching in baseball. There are important mechanics and skills required. Learn how to pass in lacrosse in this video.

How To: Play lacrosse for beginners

Whether you're interested in trying out for the lacrosse team for your school or would like to brush up on basic positions and responsibilities, this video offers a great run through of the most basic elements of lacrosse. The four lacrosse positions will be covered: Midfielders, attack men, goalies, and defensemen.

How To: Shoot a lacrosse ball

Check out this instructional lacrosse video that demonstrates how to shoot a lacrosse ball. Shooting a lacrosse ball requires detailed technique and much practice to perfect. Learn how to shoot a lacrosse ball in this video.

How To: Play women's lacrosse

Lacrosse is very popular sport that was invented by Native Americans. From cradling the ball to passing, shooting and checking, learn all about how to play women's lacrosse, and get expert tips on lacrosse rules and game play, in this free educational sports video series.

How To: Play lacrosse

Learn how to play the game of lacrosse including the essential equipment used, basic rules and penalties explained, beginner moves and techniques and more in these free instructional sports videos.

How To: Teach defense in lacrosse

In lacrosse, defense means much more than just checking, in fact check defense is not recognized in various college ball games. Footwork and position are the key and in this instructional video, learn how to teach defense in lacrosse to young players. Ideally, players play defense by using the stub of the lacrosse stick and using their body. This tutorial covers the poke check, slap check, and the lift check. Teach defense in lacrosse.

How To: Shoot from the attack position

Jesse Hubbard discusses the mechanics of shooting and discusses and illustrates the different lacrosse shots. These are the sidearm shot, the 3/4 arm shot, sidearm shot, overhand shot and outside shot, and bounce shot. He also discusses how to shoot on the run. Tips appear throughout the video in the form of pop-ups and are summarized with sidebars.

How To: Play one on one defense

John Gagliardi discusses and illustrates how to play one on one defense. He discusses positioning, footwork, defensive stick work, the v-hold and how to push out. These are summarized with a sidebar on the screen. If you are new to the game, or just need some tips or review, this video is sure to help.

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